broken skull

Submitted by Charlene R. on 4/22/06 at 11:12 AM. ( )

We have a buffalo skull, and we have had it sitting in our hearth until we could hang it up. My son accidently bumped it , causing the base (right behind his horns, where it would be hung from) to seperate from the rest of the skull. Is there a way to reglue this and if so will it be strong enough to still hang, or should it be wired together along with glueing? Please any help would be appreciated! Thanks, Charlene R.

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This response submitted by George on 4/22/06 at 11:35 AM. ( )

I don't know if you're a taxidermist or not. If you are, our suppliers carry products to repair this. IF NOT, please call Steve Steinbring at Newton Supply Company. He sells a line of Epo-Grip epoxies. You need the #30 paste and I'm sure he can sell you a small container of it that would work for what you need. He has a toll free number and you'll get him or his son Eric direct. It's 1-800-888-2467.

It is a two part, tea stain colored epoxy. When you mix it, it makes an antique white mixture that is one of the strongest epoxies available. It will take 6 hours to harden but 24 hours to cure, When it cures, you skull may break again, but I assure you, it won't be where you've epoxied it together.

Thank you George!

This response submitted by Charlene R. on 4/26/06 at 7:49 PM. ( )

Well, the answer to your question about being a taxidermist is...I'm trying to teach myself to become one. But many thanks for your husband shot the buffalo and would not be the happiest to know that happen to his skull...I will give that number a try and get it fixed as soon as I can. Thank you again! Charlene R. : )

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