I may have messed up...

Submitted by John on 4/27/06 at 11:19 AM. ( johnhunter37@yahoo.com )

...I have a deer I mounted and am having a second thought panic attack.

1. Do the warts/growths on the cape pickle and tan like the cape does?

2. I hope so if not what would you do with them now that it is mounted?


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Most of us cut them off and repair the spots

This response submitted by George on 4/27/06 at 11:34 AM. ( georoof@aol.com )

But I'm SURE there's some Dilbert out there who insisted on "keep them like they are". In that case, you SHOULD have incised them from underneath to allow the pickle better penetration, but if you didn't, I'm sure a "wart" would be OK. BTW, don't be surprised that when the mount dries, your "wart" has become a "pimple".

I had 2 this year..

This response submitted by Dilbert on 4/27/06 at 12:13 PM. ( )

that had so many that I'd have had to cut 150 or so "warts" off and repair. Another had 2 big warts near the eyes that I left also. They dried just shy of their normal size.

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