taxidermy license

Submitted by wojo on 4/29/06 at 8:18 PM. ( )

Does anybody know if you need a taxidermy license in the state of Michigan; if you are only going to mount fish and fish only.

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yes and no

This response submitted by Mr.T on 4/29/06 at 8:41 PM. ( )

you need a taxidermy license to do taxidermy business, although fish are treated differently when it comes to keeping records, it reads that you need one to do business. Read the laws so you know, dont go by what we might tell you. We migh make a mistake and you end up paying big time.

I agree

This response submitted by Chad on 5/1/06 at 12:28 AM. ( )

There is nothing worse than someone not licensed charging another to mount something, except for doin it to your own family. That is like having someone pierce someones body charging them a fee and not be licensed then cause nerve damage. If it makes sense!

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