chipmunk pictures

Submitted by Andy on 6/26/06 at 10:48 AM. ( )

i have been mounting a chipmunks, but the only ref pics i have are print outs from google. Dose anyone know were i can get some good pictures from. Cause my mom wont let me trap a live one to get pics from but yet she will let me use rat traps to get them for my mounts... parents hahaha

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This response submitted by Nina Lukaszewicz on 6/26/06 at 12:04 PM. ( )

try these

check your email

This response submitted by chris bowen @ sugartown taxidermy on 6/28/06 at 1:22 PM. ( )

I sent you a few pics that my wife has taken. We have a chipmunk that has taken up residence on the back porch.

did not recive

This response submitted by Andy on 6/28/06 at 3:59 PM. ( )

i have to diffrrent emails so if you want to try anothor i would like that and
thanks andy

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