stop rot on a freezer burnt deer

Submitted by kevin scott on 6/27/06 at 4:00 AM. ( )

a friend of mine brought me a deer to practice on . the entire head ,not caped, had been in his freezer for at least five years and in his mom's freezer four or five years before that. to say it was freezer burnt would be an understatement. the teeth were showing from where the lips had drawn up, it was hard to tell the front lips from the gum line.the ears were curled and folded.the nose had no defined shape ,nostrils were tight,no openings visible.

i covered the entire face and ears in stop rot, then started trying to cape it out. cutting through the hide was like cutting through shoe leather. i pried some of the hide up and squirted some stop rot under the back of the skull. i also injected some around the antler burrs and itno the face. i finally got it caped out ,but it was still stiff as a board. i could not split the lips because i could not tell were to split them.they were so drawn up that impossible to tell or seperate the lips from the rest of the hide.the ears were the worst, it was like the meat onthe butts was one with the hide.

i injected the ears,then i put the cape in a solution of stop rot and water- distilled. 1 gal water 1 bottle of stop rot
i let it sit for about 4 hrs . when i took it out,the difference was amazing.i was able to split and turn everything. the lips looked almost normal, the nose also.the ears were still hard to turn had to work stop rot ahead of my fingers.they were crunchy but i got them turned. ifleshed everything and put it in krow tan. now just have to wait and see how it comes out.
i am new to taxidermy ,i have only mounted three deer, but i don't think i would have been able to do anything with this cape if not for the stop rot. thanks for the product glen!

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5+ deer

This response submitted by Forrest Sue on 6/27/06 at 8:28 AM. ( )

Wow you have worked so hard trying to get this cape in a condition to mount. I hope it works out.I, too, have used Stop-Rot on critters in the freezer for more years than I can remember and so far it has been a life saver. I used it 3 weeks ago for the first time on a hooded Merganzer both inside & out and it is so great on getting the greasy fat off so much easier (by hand). I have some baby racoons I have had for 18 years someone gave me already skinned at the bottom of my freezer.. for lack of time.. I am curious as to if it would work... Good luck on your mount!


This response submitted by Whitey Fisk on 6/27/06 at 11:35 AM. ( )

My dad killed a Mule deer in 1989 and my uncle caped it out and froze it. He didnt even put it in a bag at all. I got it out last month because my dad was wanting it mounted so I thought I would give the cape a looking over. Both ears were completely freezer burned as well as, the brisket, and about 1/2 of the face and about 1/2 of the body. The whole thing was alomost freezer burned. I put ALOT of stop rot on it as well as injecting the ears with stop rot. I started turning the ears and applying stop rot and finaly got them turned. I let it set in and I worked it back and forth. It rehydrated alot but was still somewhat stiff. I salted it and then I let it soak in Ultra Soft to rehydrate it, and it rehydrated completely. I pickeled it and then froze it. Later on I'm going to let it unthaw and then Im going to tan it and then mount it, right now its in the freezer, pickled.

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