Coon skin cap pattern ?

Submitted by Jeff on 9/27/99. ( )

I have tanned a real nice coon hide and was wondering if
any one could help me out with a pattern for a hat ? Any ideas
or info would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks.. Jeff

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Coonskin Hat

This response submitted by George Roof on 9/27/99. ( )

Cut a 2 inch band of cardboard and place it around your head. Mark where it touches and cut off the remainder. Now measure the lenght (Circumference or "C"). Now back to Math 101. Divide by 3.1417 (pi) for the diameter (D) Divide that in half and using that radius, scribe and cut a circle out of cardboard.
Lay your hide out flat, fur down. Fold the head straight up and lay your cardboard circle flat down directly behind the center of the face. With a marking pencil, mark you circle.
Now cut your cardboard band in half. Lay a half on each side of the circle going from head to tail. Mark it. You will not have enough hair up front. Don't worry. Mark your cardboard band exaclty where you run out of fur.
Carefully cut around the coon's face and stop when you hit an intersecting line. Cut the marks on the bands but DO NOT cut them free of the circle.
When you finish, the cap top, coon face, and parts of both bands will be complete. Put you bands on the remaining fur the same way (head to tail) and cut band strips to complete your cardboard pattern. Begin sewing the bands around the circle top and add the extra pieces to complete the hat band making sure that the hair is flowing the same direction as the attached bands were. Sever the tail and sew it up. Once your hat is finished, sew it directly opposite of the coon face.
If you want to line it, you use the same technique. You then fold the coon hair under yet over the lining and sew it down flat.
If you have a head as big as mine, it may be tough to find a single coon big enough for the job. If that's the case, cut the circle and face from one and cut all your bands from another. Remember to check the hair patterns so that the hair is always going from head to tail of the cap.

Daniel Boone wannabe-coonskin cap

This response submitted by chuck on 9/27/99. ( )

Jeff, coonskin caps are actually made of two hides for a good cap basically if you measure the circumference of your head ,divide by two.then add an inch to this measurement this is how long you will need two strips approximately 3-4 " wide (cut from the darker back section of a pelt) the spine being the center point .these two pieces will become the outer part of the cap. the top is cut from the center of the back section of another pelt take your circumference measurement and divide by pi or 3.14 to get the diameter you need to cut the top of the cap .sew the two strips together fur side in at their fronts (as they were the front or head end of the pelt and so on with the other end. now you will have a loop of coon fur with all of the fur heading to the rear. the top is sewn to the loop with the fur in also so that when you turn it right side out all seams are on the inside of the cap.traditionally a liner is made of wool that is whip stitched to the edge of the the coons face to the front using a basting stitch only at a few points the tail is sewn at about midway up the back. the legs and feet can be added if desired.hope I haven't confused you feel free to email me if you need further info.Good luck and when you are done with it proudly wear it at your local rendezvous ( mountainman gathering ) check your local blackpowderclub for these fun get togethers. Keep your powder dry CHUCK


This response submitted by Leanna on 9/27/99. ( )

Bruce Rittel has a really good "hands on" pattern for sale. Check it out.

Thanks !

This response submitted by Jeff on 9/29/99. ( )

Thanks for taking the time to help me out.This forum stuff is
very helpfull.

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