ear blow out

Submitted by Bud on 10/11/99. ( )

What do the experts recomend about torn ears ? Is pinching
hide paste out enough to secure?

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Ear Repairs

This response submitted by George Roof on 10/11/99. ( georoof@aol.com )

U take my tanned hide and shave a very thin piece of hide from theneck or brisket(whichever can best afford the loss). I invert the ear over an earliner and I run a VERY fine line of super glue on one side of the tear. I lay the shaving over the tear and press it into the glued side. Then lift the piece and glue lightly around the rest of the tear. Pull the shaving just tight enough to pull the broken/torn pieces together and press down. This works well on all ear repairs. If you have a piece missing, just press the shaving over the hole. Return the ear and put some super glue down on the covered hole. Take a cotton ball and press into the glue. A few seconds later, pull the cotton ball free. The cotton fibers remaining will act as fake hair over the missing piece.
One warning, however. This repair is temporary. Super glue tends to turn brittle with time. It is imperative that you use a good earliner and a good two-part epoxy to hold the repair tight. Once the earliner is permanently bonded, the repair will become a permanent part of it. Bondo ears will NOT hold the skin when the superglue disbonds and you'll have an old deer mount with crappy ears in years to come.

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