Red Fox ear blow out

Submitted by Steve W on 10/12/99. ( )

While turning the ears I had a blowout. I made a nice hole. I have been using the bondo method, but with this size hole I don't know that I want to use bondo. Thought about using a ear liner with latex chalk. One piece of skin came off. Do I need to try and sew up the place or just try and place it back? It is on the back of the ear. This is the second time this has happened to me with a red fox, both were road kill. Do I need to be more careful when skinning out a red fox in comparison to a gray fox?

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This response submitted by frank on 10/12/99. ( )

Just scroll down some. George explained a great way on repairing ears. As far as grey and red just like I tell everyboby be carefull in the thin areas. We somtimes get in a rush and forget to take time in those delicate areas on our speciem. Just work more slowly. Also it's road kill. Do you know how long it's laying dead on the road? They have a high bacterial count and gets worse as decay sets in quick. Also a word of advise wear rubber gloves, they carry rabbies and other disease.

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