Lifesize Whitetail

Submitted by Eric A. Scott on 10/19/99. ( )

What is the best incision to make if you were going to mount a lifesize whitetail deer?
What do you do with the hooves, How far do you skin down?
How is the tail skinned?

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This response submitted by Frank on 10/19/99. ( )

First off as a beginner, I would advise you not to try a lifesize deer, until you learn the basic and do some smaller lifesize to understand the anatomy of the species your doing.
But if your going to try, I would look at the form I'm mounting the animal on. From there I would make my decesion on how to cut it. But if the client has already gutted the deer, no problem. You can easyly sew up the belly incesion and make a dorsel cut to pull up the cape. The choice is really what is the easyest way to mount the deer.
Next what to do with the hooves? Leave them on and you drill a hole in them to accept the rod for bolting down. And I skin them right down to the knuckle on the deer.
To skin the tail out, split down the back side of the tail remove the bone flesh it and resew it back on the tail form.

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