Texas deer head mount---How to questions

Submitted by Rick on 11/15/99. ( rtreehntr@aol.com )

Hello,and thanks for taking your time to help me. I recently Bagged a deer that i believe is not a trophy worth taking to the professional taxidermist.I have seen deer heads that are just skulls with the antelers still attached,someone told me that this is called a Texas mount.I would like to give this a try,but am affaid to say i don't know where to begin.My thought was to skin the head out and freeze and save till the spring, then hang in a tree and let the flies and other insects do there job on it.If there is a better or quicker way any help would be appreciated.
Thanks, Rick

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Everything Doesn't Come From Texas (Just Don't Tell Them)

This response submitted by George Roof on 11/15/99. ( georoof@aol.com )

This is called a "European Mount" and the style was advanced during the early 13th century when this seemed to be the only way to display antlers in those musky, dingy, damp castles. Bugs probably "invented" the style originally anyway.

I've heard of guys doing just as you described and with the prevalence of FIRE ANTS you have in Texas, I'm sure that within a few days you'll have a great job done. Those of us lucky enough not to hav fire ants either pay someone to have their beetles eat the flesh away or try to boil the meat and skin off.

Don't forget to bleach it

This response submitted by Skeletor on 11/15/99. ( )


Skin the head and remove as much meat as possible...boil it until the meat turns to jelly and then remove the rest with a wire brush and sharp knife (don't overboil). You can bleach the skull with the same bleach found at a beauty salon. If any teeth fall out, simply glue them back in with superglue. Good luck...this can be a big job.

hydrogen peroxide/ washing soda

This response submitted by deer woman on 11/15/99. ( )

Use Arm and Hammer brand washing soda in the water while boiling- put about a half cup per gallon ( if anyone knows the proper amount, please post it- i usually just throw a bunch in the water). This is what will turn the meat to jelly. Then I squirt it off with my garden hose and squirt out the brain. Don't boil too long or the skull will start to seperate along the suture lines. I usually have to pick out cartilage type bits of flesh with forceps and other little tools. When its clean enough, rinse it out again and place in regular old 3% hydrogen peroxide for about 12 hours- make sure the antler part itself does not soak in it. Then put the skull out in bright sunlight to dry and further the whitened look.Use a matt spray laquer to seal it. The skull should be beautiful!

boil them

This response submitted by carey martin on 11/16/99. ( )

I clean the head off as much as possible and boil them in
2 gal. water to 2 cups of Sal Soda.(WASCO) You can boil them for
30-45 min w/o seperating the seams, as long as you help the
sal soda along with a wire brush.

Thanks for getting the info flowing.

This response submitted by E. M. Krull on 11/17/99. ( ekrull@usmo.com )

I'm in exactly the same boat as you find yourself in. I don't want to spend the money on a full mount but have seen some nice looking european mounts. Whenever you finish let me know how it turns out and I'll do the same.


Don't hang in tree

This response submitted by Chris Stevens on 7/4/00. ( Chrisdeercourse@aol.com )

Do not hang in tree it is good for the flesh and skin, but the mice will eat you antlers to pieces. Speaking from experience. If you think you do not have field mice. YOU DO

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