Stag Mule Deer

Submitted by Clint on 11/16/99. ( )

I am getting ready to mount a stag mule deer.
He has an 8" nose and only a 18" neck.All the
head fourms I can find have at least a 22" neck
with 8" noses. Anyone have any ideas or know where
I can get the proper size form.

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Just did 2 of them.

This response submitted by Pacemakr on 11/17/99. ( )

I had 2 which had 8" eye/nose and 22" neck. The mannikins I got went 22" to 35" about 5" down the neck, however, the hide stayed 22" almost all the way down. I broke out the saw and rasp and started carving. They turned out well. I prefitted the hide, measures the open space about every 6 inches, rasped rings to match the measurements and cut between the grooves to make it even. I also found you can't buy earliners back in Mule deer. Good luck!

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