European Skull mount

Submitted by Bill McDowell on 12/12/99. ( )

I have the skull of a deer with some meet still on it. I bolied it allready. What should I do next??

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Lets beat this dead horse one more time

This response submitted by Man I've had a rough day on 12/13/99. ( )

1 Go to the library and check out abook 2 Buy a book if you don't have one 3 Check the archives this is the second time this has been asked this week. DON'T you people do any research at ALL? Man I've had a rough day today. But I'm feeling better now. If I can be of any other asistance. Just ask.

lets beat this dead horse one more time

This response submitted by Bill McDowell on 12/14/99. ( )

This is in response to the first response. Get lost you BITTERMAN. We do not want your kind around here.....'NECK

You got the answer you deserved

This response submitted by Doug M. on 12/14/99. ( )

I don't know where you get off telling this guy (or gal) they aren't welcome around here. Besides, he gave you some very good advice. I just took a quick lap around and found at least 8 threads on european mounts posted in the last month. That's not even getting into the archives. That also doesn't count the numerous threads on antler mounts and skull cleaning. The information is there if you look for it. No one here is paid to give answers, we do it because we want to. But it gets extremely old hearing the same things asked over and over and over again. Some people think the extent of the effort they need to put out is to post a question. WRONG! Let me suggest some required reading; "Wanted - something for nothing" under "The Taxidermy Industry" forum dated 12/10/99 and "Suggestion for beginners" posted in the "Beginners" forum on 11/20/99.

Do your homework and if you still don't understand or just can't find what you're looking for then ask. Also try to ask specific questions. "I got a deer today. I want to mount it. It's on the floor in my garage. What should I do next?" A question like this will probably get an answer such as; "Take it to a qualified taxidermist".

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