help with license and testing in pennsylvania

Submitted by jay in pa. on 12/23/99. ( )

I would like any information regarding the testing proceedures and requirement in Pennsylvania. I want to know what the test involves how it is graded. Are there any study guides for the test.I have been doing my own mounts and would like to do taxidermy for others but i know i cant without a pa. license Any help would be greatly appreiciated. thanks.

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This response submitted by Gary on 12/23/99. ( )

You will find your answer in the [The Taxidermy Industry] section of the Taxidermy.Net. If I racall it was around a $100.00. Hope this helps

Good Luck................

Taxidermy Testing for PA

This response submitted by Rob Patton on 12/23/99. ( )

Hi Jay,

If you have been asking around about the test you have probly ran into alot of rumors about it. Things like you need to place at a state competition, your mounts need to be perfect, its too hard to pass, ect. I'll tell you this. The hardest part to me seems to the written exam.

The reason being is that I believe it is out dated and asks some questions that pertain to running a business and not about your knowledge of taxidermy. While that is important I don't believe that it proves your ability to perform taxidermy. The test is multiple guess.

You need to provide the following to qualify for all 3 phases of the taxidermy permit: 2 gamehead should mounts, one being a whitetail buck and the other a species native to PA (all specimens must be native to PA for that matter), 5 different species of fish (at least one must be cold water I believe), 2 birds one must be waterfowl, and 2 lifesize mammals, one must be a furbearer. While the examiners are going over your mounts you will be asked to do something hands on. Such as remodel a nose on a form, sort out bird species, match eyes, insert an earliner, whatever to keep you busy. Dont worry about that part because there will be plenty of referance there for you to use. It is almost impossible to mess this part up, though I have heard that some have. Oh, and this I thought was funny, they will video tape your face, so wash your face and brush your teeth. It is almost impossible to mess this part up, though I have heard that some have.

After they are done going over your mounts you will do the written part.

Like I said before I think the overall test is way way too easy. But on the other hand if the test where to be harder then it could promote more dishonesty and more fly-by-nighters (someone who just wont take the test because he will never achieve the skills to pass it). I live in an area with about 50 taxidermists within 50 miles. Thats all we need is more fly-by-nighters. Kinda like a catch 22 thing. Any more questions email me. Ill give you my phone number and we talk one on one.

Test Requirements

This response submitted by Paul Czarnecki on 12/23/99. ( )

The Pa. test is not as complicated as it may seem. The General Permit which allows you to do all specimens (birds, fish, deer,etc.) requires only five specimens mounted in the past 3 years. They are an antlered WT, upland bird, waterfowl, fish and a lifesize mammal. Pa. now also has specialized permits for birds only, fish only and deer and mammals only. A specialized permit requires five specimens falling into the category of the particular permit. By calling the Pa. Game Comm. Headquarters in Harrisburg you can get all the necessary info and pre-test materials. If you have any more questions feel free to email me. See you at the test. Good Luck!

Paul Would Know

This response submitted by Rob Patton on 12/23/99. ( )

Paul would know the rules for sure as he is one of the examiners. Apperantly the rules have been changed. The Taxidermy Handbook that the Game Commission sends out states the rules pretty much as I wrote them, though my handbook is about 2 years old or so.

Next Test

This response submitted by Dave Hammond on 12/27/99. ( )

The way to go is definitely the general lic. I contacted the PGC several months ago and received the handbook mentioned above.
They only hold the test twice a year. The next test will be in April.
See you there I hope.

Any questions, email me.


This response submitted by jay in pa on 12/31/99. ( )

thanks to everyone who responded to my inquiry you helped me alot . the info i recieved locally from taxidermists was that it was difficult to pass and it appears they dont want to give up thier secrets . once again thanx . rob ill e-mail you after i get the info packet from PGC. thanx.

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