Need reference materials for Mammal skeletal reconstruction

Submitted by Ellen R. Grimes on 5/27/99. ( )

I have a number of mamal and reptile skeletons in varying stages of assemblage. I would like to find some reference materials that would help me reconstruct the skeletons. Would need information such as anatomical configuration, materials to use for joining jointed bones and fixed bones, mounting methods, etc. Thank you for your assistance.

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This response submitted by George Roof on 5/27/99. ( )

For the most part, we are taxidermists and not paleontologists. I'd suggest you look on the web under the zoology and biology headings for anatomical structure.
As for the attachment problems, we may be able to provide some ancillary help. In our primary work, we often repair horns, antlers, fins, and feathers. There are hundreds of differing types of epoxies that would work great in this. Some set up within minutes and others take hours. Some are brittle while others remain flexible. Sojme are watery while others are paste and clay like. There's not enough room here to match your needs with product availability. If you'd like, contact me at my address with specifics and I'll answer the specifics I know.

We would be glad to help!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 5/29/99. ( )

Ellen - we are presently involved with several museums treating bones for display, and if you could E-Mail me, I'd be happy to supply any info you may need. Of particular interest to you would be our new Trypsin 5100 enzyme product which strips the bones and skull free of fat. The New Bedford Whaling Museum is now trying it on their 65' Blue Whale that they plan to display. Also the Smithsonian is very familiar with this product. Our new PRESERVZ-IT product may also be of interest to you. It is excellent for preserving educational specimens over long periods of time. It is non-carcinigeous. Let me know how we can help you.

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