Submitted by Joe on 4/1/99. ( joe.kleer.b@bayer.com )

Does anybody know of a good tannary in the Pitts. Pa area? Thanks for all the help.

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Interstate Tan in NY is good

This response submitted by Lloyd on 4/1/99. ( )

Try Interstate tanning in NY.Iv,e had good luck with them so far.Expect a turnaround of 3-5 months unless you pay for rush service. As anything, good work takes time.Phone-518-563-3555. Address is- 31 Burke rd. Plattsburg,NY 12901-good luck!


This response submitted by Rich on 4/1/99. ( finfeathr@aol.com )

Try using Wilderness Fur Dressing in NY. Ive used them for 12 years with excellent results and reasonably fast turnaround time. They also clear African game.
Wilderness Fur Dressing
30 Remmington blvd.
Ronkonkoma,NY. 11779

Wilderness Fur 2 votes

This response submitted by Ronnie J on 4/2/99. ( )

I've used Wilderness many times and am really happy
with the return of the product. Great tannery!!!

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