bird tanning

Submitted by mike buss on 4/25/99. ( )

how do you perserve a bird, tanning,or borax what works best.
went to world show on fri learned alot, also i was told bill yox has
a class how much and were at e-mail me thanks

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This response submitted by Mark on 4/26/99. ( )

Mike I have a product that you can mix with water and tan
birds, it's LIQUA CURE.
skin and clean bird as best as possible.
Wash in a mild degreaser (kemal 4)to remove any surface oil.
Mix one part Liqua cure to ten parts water. For ducks and
geese 1oz of Kemal 4 should be added. Leave skin in solution
for atleast 2 hrs and agitate, not longer than 4-5 hrs.
Remove skin from solution, Completely rinse in cold water,
Then let thoroughly drain.
Fluff feathers in fine hardwood sawdust, borax,puffed borax.
For white featherd birds use borax only.
Good luck,

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