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I have a customer that would like to attach a set of deer horns to a fake skull and make a Texas mount. I saw were McKenzie has the skulls with the pedicel already attached. How do you attach the horn to the pedicel?

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This response submitted by frankl on 3/22/99. ( basswtrout@aol.com` )

Simple drill a hole big enough for 10 gauge wire or heaver and bondo it in.Make sure you line it in the right place mark it then pour the bondo.


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Thanks...one more question. There are 2 skulls...one with the pedicel and one with slots in the head where you use the actual skull plate. The one I have is an old set of antlers were the skull plate cracked half into. The customer has a hole drill in the middle of the plate. I guess that is what broke the plate into. Given this, which do you think would be better to use, the skull with the pedicel or the slotted skull?

How do you put 2 antlers together to form a complete set

This response submitted by Lorn Cummins on 3/24/99. ( lorncummins@hotmail.com )

I would like you to tell me how to put 2 antlers together to
form a complete set.Here is an example(situation)if I brought
a deer into you to mount and the antlers were broke in half,
how would you put them together?

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