The hair is falling out.

Submitted by Robert Kurtz on 10/16/1998. ( )

About a five years ago I had a deer mounted that I had shot in the
neck. I brought it home and ever since the hair has been falling out
of the white patch on neck. Is there anything I can do to fix it?

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your options are few

This response submitted by Bill on 10/16/1998. ( )

There are a number of reasons why it happened, but only a few choices as to what you can do about it. If you don't wipe it or brush the hairs out, it won't get worse. To correct it, I think the only option would be to re-cape it. I'm not sure but I believe you are the customer not a taxidermist? If you would like more info, add to this and I'll try to be more specific for you!

Thanks for the info but, are there any other options?

This response submitted by R. Kurtz on 10/19/1998. ( )

Thanks for responding and I'll try to add a little more detail to my Situation. The reason I think the hair is falling out is because I shot the deer in the neck and maybe it was difficult for the taxidermist to sew wp the slug hole. But it is possible that the fix he used to soke the cape was bad to. My head is gettting pretty dusty and I dont want to wipe or vaccum it off in fear of loosing more hair. And I don't really want to get a new cape because the one I have on it is gorgous. If you have any other suggestions they would be greatly appricated.

lets see

This response submitted by Bill on 10/20/1998. ( )

I guess I must assume that there is missing hair near the bullet hole. I always reccommend a feather duster for keeping the mount clean, and also suggest dusting frequently (and, yes, lightly) to keep it from getting the dust a chance to start, so to speak. In my opinion there's nothing you can spray on or soak into the mount to keep hair from coming out. But the less you bother that spot, hopefully it will stay intact. If the whole mount is loosing hair on it's own, you may have a bug problem, too. If you think so, let off a bug bomb where the mount is, following the guidelines on the label. The info is still sketchy to see from here but I hope this might help. You and I both know the best cure for this problem, but it'll cost the money that probably could have been spent the last time around...good luck.

Hairy Situation

This response submitted by Court F. on 10/23/1998. ( )

I am not a taxidermist although I would like get in the business. My grandfather recenly gave me one of his deer mounts. As I went to clean and oil the 20 year old whitetail, I noticed the hair was falling out BIG TIME. The deer is in fine shape considering how old it is.It doesn't have bugs in its hair. I assume that the cape will have to be replaced but I hate to do that because the buck has such unusual coloring and I have mentioned it is in fine shape. I just want to know what happened to make his hair come out either at the taxidermist's studio of in my grandparents' home.

Hair Falling on Deer

This response submitted by Jack on 1/6/00. ( )

I certainly hope you realise that if you hadn't shot the defenceless animal, it's hair would not fall. How is your hair?? Falling yet?

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