Bird Flesher Motor

Submitted by Stephen on 3/12/00. ( )

I am wanting to build my own bird flesher and I was looking for a good motor source. Where do you get these 1/10 hp motors? Are they on any household applicances? I have tried to use a motor out of a old
vaporizer but just was not strong enough. Please help me with some innovative ideas to build a flesher. I love the idea that somebody mentioned about the light dimmer for speed control.

Thanks, Stephen

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This response submitted by jason on 3/12/00. ( )

I simply used a motor from an old washing machine and wired in the dimmer control to regulate the speed. You may have to get an adapter arbor with threads to enable you to mount the wire wheel to the shaft.
I then built a plywood box to encase the wire wheel, the bobox is appr. 2 ft. wide 1 ft deep and 2 ft tall. Line the box with linolium from a floor for easy clean up.


This response submitted by Carl on 3/12/00. ( )

old washing machine motors are usually 1/4 hp and work very well ,,, also old furnace burner motors are 1/10 or 1/15 hp and are easy to mount as they have a flush mount flange on them so you can fasten with bolts.... the dimmer idea is a good one too to regulate the speed.
hope this helps you


This response submitted by brice on 3/12/00. ( )

you can find any motor of any type for anything you will ever want to build in Graingers Catalog. that is where i got my 1/15 hp motor from and it cost me about $45. the dimmer switch is an awsome idea and one that i hadnt thought of. but if you get a 1/15 or a 1/10 hp... you probably wont need the dimmer switch.

motors for the

This response submitted by Brian on 3/13/00. ( )

If any of you are from Canada (or anywhere else willing to cross border shop) Princess auto (mail order) is the place to go. They have tons of supplies and are are very helpful.
The motor I bought from them was a brand new GE 1/10 hp,1350 rpm, it has about a 3 1/2 to 4 inch shaft (1/2 inch) all for $19.99 Canadian. For the Americans that's about $12.
Give them a try, just about guaranteed you will be happy you did.

Princess Auto

Canadians continued...

This response submitted by Brian on 3/13/00. ( )

For anyone interested the item number for the above motor is 0750184.
The website is a bit hard to navigate (couldn't find the motor online, just the sale flyer) so the best bet would be to call for the Catalog. I just received the newest one and the motor is there. (along with 50+ other models) LOL

sewing machine

This response submitted by mike on 3/20/00. ( )

I have just built a flesher myself, looked in Grainger, and they
have small motors of all kinds from 1/250hp - 1/8hp with different
price ranges. I ended up converting an old broken sewing machine.
It is nice, because it has a foot pedal for variable speed control.
......hands free. Taxidermy is a hobby for me and this will be the
first time to use a machine, I've been doing it the old fashoned way
for too long! Any pointers on using this process would be appreciated.
I'm starting with a Blue Goose that will hopefully be able to stand
up to my inexperienced touch.


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