selling duck feathers ?!?!????

Submitted by ben on 4/25/00. ( )

i don't know how this ? popped into my head but is it illegal to sell feathers from a wild duck. i have tons of woodie flank feathers that i saved for fly tying. just curious.

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Duck Feathers OK

This response submitted by Stefan Savides on 4/26/00. ( )

Ben, I know that you can sell duck feathers. I believe that what you sell them for makes a difference. Feather pillows I know are OK and I believe that you can sell them for fly tying as well. I would however check with your Federal agent first. When ever there's doubt I'd go straight to the source for answers.


This response submitted by Bonnie Zedonis on 4/28/00. ( )

Ben and Stefan:
I am not saying you are wrong Stefan; (I also do not know for sure) but; feather pillows generally come from captive raised goose down and feathers for fly tying are again captive raised birds as well (or are at least supposed to be) some are even dyed for color.
I am questioning this due to the fact that we (as taxidermists) can not buy, sell, or trade (WILD) migratory birds of any sort, NOR their PARTS, nests, eggs, etc. Even to have parts (such as a wing, or leg, etc.) they must be properly tagged. Thus I would be VERY concerned about the selling of WILD duck feathers without going to the FEDS. for confirmation FIRST..... So Ben as Stefan said go to the source to be sure...

50 CFR 20 Migratory Bird Hunting

This response submitted by Lianne Bates on 4/30/00. ( )

20.91 Commercial use of feathers

Fly-tying included as permissable.

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