Trophy Blue-Goose identification help needed

Submitted by Fred Herr on 2/6/01. ( Sassafrassfarms )

A customer brought in two Eagle-head blue geese and asked to have the best one mounted.Both are still frozen.The one has a white breast and belly and the other has a grey breast and belly. The one with the white appears to be slighty smaller than the grey-breasted one.My question is,which is considered to be the "trophy bald-eagle blue"?Both were collected in Texas abd both have the white head.
Thanks in advance for any help.

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wrong e-mail address

This response submitted by Fred on 2/7/01. ( )

sorry,did't proof read my own address

The one in best shape

This response submitted by Jim A. on 2/7/01. ( )

I am not to sure of this species (Anser caerulescens caerulescens) Blue geese. I am from Michigan and we don't have alot of Anser Species around here, but this is my advice. I would look for the one with the least amount of damage. It sounds like the customer is not exactly sure what bird is the trophy. I think if you choose the one that is least damaged and less blood stains, the mount will be impressive because of the good specimin. Frank Newmeyer, has two blue geese mounted and photographed on his web pages. You can see them by going to home page and click Gallery of Artistic Taxidermy.
I did read that the adult birds are grey bodied, check for pin feathers- perhaps the smaller of the two is a juvenile.
Let us know which on you picked out and why.

The Lightest

This response submitted by Kris Dunckel on 2/7/01. ( )

I am no expert by any means and I agree with Jim, the one that would mount up the best would probably best satify the customer. Being from Texas, my observations with Blue Geese is the more mature they are the lighter they are. Check you reference photos as Jim suggests.

mount the best one

This response submitted by john barber on 2/9/01. ( )

i have gotten in both be for the one with the white breast may be may depend on the pose if the breast is showing mount the one with the white breast if the back of the wings are showing maybe the bird with the grey is the choice blues have a nice color on the back of the wings. good luck.

ps try to talk him in to mounting both problem is then solved.

The Scoop on Blue's

This response submitted by David on 2/11/01. ( )

Fred, As a general rule, the "white-bellied" Blue is considered the "trophy." Blue's and Snow's are the same species, the Blue is a color phase of the Snow. They are Lessors. The Greater Snow on the east coast does not have a "color phase" Blue. Biologists feel that the "Blue" phase may eventually wipe out the "white" Snow (Lessor). Mature Blues can have varying color phases, but 99% of the time only mature birds will have the full "eagle head." I would go with the white belly unless it has considerable damage and not suitable for mounting.

Scoop on Blues?

This response submitted by Mark on 2/12/01. ( )

David, You said the East Coast Greaters don't have a Blue phase. CAn you help us out here?
I have seen shot and mounted "Eagle Heads" and I live and hunt in maryland....I get told they're Lesser and some say Greater....
I thought they both had the Blue phase.....

The Lighter the better!

This response submitted by Justin Hall on 2/12/01. ( justinleehall@yahoo )

Having hunted snows and blues in Arkansas and Mississippi I would have
to say go with the whitest one. Very mature blue geese are as pure a
white as the mature snows. I would have to say the darker bird is the
younger of the two even though it is a bit larger. It seems this
hunter thinks both of the birds are trophies so I guess it really
depends on which one is in the best shape.

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