Waterfowl feather problems

Submitted by JC on 2/9/01. ( )

I continue to have some problems with the feathers on the back of the ducks I mount. My finished mounts tend to have feathers on the back that are not smooth and somtimes have the down poking up through the larger back feathers. I use corncob material to dry the feathers while tumbling and then do the final drying with a blow dryer. The feathers appear fine when I began putting my birds together, but began to show problems during the drying process. Any advice to take care of this problem?

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try workin skin to center of back

This response submitted by Terry on 2/9/01. ( birdmanterry@aol.com )

you may want to try working the shin towards the center of the back and up towards the neck. Then take a small wire or long pin and lift skin and work the feathers from the underside a little. also lift skin up around sholder area. Feathers should lay right.you can also use pointed tweezers.

just a guess

This response submitted by john barber on 2/9/01. ( crittergedder )

you might be causing damage while bird is on his back while sewing.make sure your work surface is smooth or try to support your bird with wire in a vise while sewing if this is causing the problem .i hope this might help. good luck and dont give up.

No damage, just a problem.

This response submitted by John C on 2/9/01. ( )

I have the same problem on some of mine. Your bird skin should be loose on the body. Move more on to the back and mentioned above. Starting up between the wings, using upholstry pins life each row of feathers, work them toward the front of the bird, do this all the way down the back. You may need to gently blow on the feathers to get them to stand up. Now working from rear to front, ever so gently work lightly laying each row down, not flat but standing somewhat. Once finished tuck the down that sticks up under the feathers.

I found I had a few problems, fist I was not getting them clean, and second I had sopa residue remaining, third, dry the down first and work to the feathers. if the down is clean and dry the feathers will almost fall into place.

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