"trading" waterfowl

Submitted by Matt Grover on 2/9/01. ( trappe1555@rmci.net )

I understand that its not legal to sell waterfowl without having a bunch of paperwork with them. I was wondering if it is legal to trade, so there was no transaction of money. Say I sent you a wood duck and you sent me a goose, and no money were involved, is that legal? thanks for any info:)

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No can do!

This response submitted by Rick on 2/10/01. ( )

It is my understanding that you can't do ANY kind of bartering whatsoever. I called the USFWS about this not too long ago. They even went as far as to say that I could be held liable if I were give a waterfowl mount to a sporting goods store and they, in turn, sold it sometime down the road. You can, however, receive birds as a gift, but need to have the proper documentation, such as the hunter's name, address, ph. #, license#, etc. These need to be recorded in your migratory bird records and on the tag attached to the bird. Best bet is to contact your representative USFWS office and clarify things. Oh, by-the-way, the only waterfowl that can be sold are certain pen-raised species and they do have to be accompanied by proper paperwork. The seller has to have a permit to do so also. Good luck. ...Rick

do you have your permit to handle waterfowl?

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 2/10/01. ( )

If you do migratory birds, you are required to have that permit, and it very plainly states that you may not "buy, sell, barter or trade" any of thsese, or parts thereof. Pretty cut and dried, yet some still try to interpret this as "maybe"! Seriously, what happens behind a closed door may not be legal. If you dont have your permit, you may wanna get it, and follow those rules. Good luck to you!

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