First Bobwhite Quail

Submitted by Redphoenix on 2/10/01. ( )

I had planned on getting a male bobwhite quail sometime when i found one for a good deal. Well guess what, I finally found one for a reasonable price, and it will be coming soon by UPS. My questions is I have never done anything the size of a quail before. I was going to do a dove one year but never got around to it, because it wasn't that great of one. I have previous experience with waterfowl, so what can I exspect? If I take my time like waterfowl should i do okay? I am planning on using size 1/4" neck material, a newmyer bobwhite head with eyes, newmyer body, and 16 & 18 gauge wire. This will be standing mount and I am used to the T-pin method where you hold the wings with T-pins. What size T-pins should I use? 1 inch? Also I have seen mounts sold in cabelas around christmas time of bobwhites on a round base with some foliage and some kind of dirt on the base. How can I achieve this? That is how i want my mount to look, please give me any advice any tips you can offer.


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there's a difference

This response submitted by Keith on 2/11/01. ( )

between waterfowl and quail handle the quail every careful the feathers drop every easily ,also I try to skin wash tumble and mount all in one day the skin is very thin and tears kinda easy and is diffuclt to sew, I use small needle and tread and small stitches I have only done a few and so far have not achieved one that I am happy with, so next week I am going to try try again let me know if I can be of more help, Keith


This response submitted by M.T. on 2/11/01. ( )

I really dont mean to be a smart #@#,but,I have always saaid that taxidermy is really just more common sense than anything else.So,lets analize this situation.You ask if you take your time, will you do a good job,well if you have mounted other birds, sure you are going to do allright.Next, you are planning to use 1/4" neck material,and Newmyer components,well ,most catalogs will tell you the size of the neck material and wire to use so just use it,if its not big enough,jump up to the next size,common sense.Also,If you have mounted any teal, I'm sure a bobwhite is about the same size,Right?what would you normally use? Personally,I wouldn't use anything smaller than 1 1/2" T pins,but I've never mounted a bobwhite.Now, since youv'e mounted waterfowl, haven't you made some type of base with habitat,if not, just use some imagination and common sense.Dont make it like something youve seen befor,rather,make it unique.Experiment a little!

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