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Submitted by George on 2/11/01. ( georoof@aol.com )

Are there REALLY that many dimwits out there who don't know that selling migratory game birds, raptors, and endangered species is against the law? They want to buy and sell owls, ducks, and geese almost on a daily basis. I just have to wonder if this isn't done by either a federal warden or, better yet, some of the animal rights scum who hope to entrap someone just to turn them in.

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This response submitted by * on 2/11/01. ( )

I'm not using your words, but yes thar are that many people. very few of my clients know the law and ask why when i tell them

.Yes I think there are

This response submitted by Terry on 2/11/01. ( Birdmanterry@aol.com )

George I live in an area where hunting is very accepted by most everyone. I have a lot of friends who hunt themselves and don't know the laws on birds. They know when they can shoot them. But past that they have no idea it is illegal to sell migratory birds. I have at least a dozen guys who want to swap taxidermy work for their ducks they shotevery year. They are always telling me how much I can make off of the birds they bring into me.And when I tell them I can't sell them I end up giving them the little class on why not. I keep a copy of the law posted in my shop where they can see it for themselves. And I just do this as a hobby, for now.

Heres another common mistake

This response submitted by CHUCK on 2/11/01. ( Chuckcnctaxi@aol.com )

I see and talk to many waterfowlers who when they have enough ducks or geese in their freezer and don't feel like cleaning them-just want to go out and shoot something,give their surplus away usually to anyone they come across.If I read my federal hunting regs right they are to be tagged as to who shot them,dated,and to whom given.Otherwise the big green cop can come do his job on an unsuspecting victim. Please folks ,educate yourselves before you get us all into serious trouble.If you don't want them don't shoot them-remember hunter ethics?

It's because......

This response submitted by Joe on 2/16/01. ( BirdworksAspokaneweb.com )

the laws are very confusing. I don't blame people one bit for not
understanding whats legal and whats not. It is ok to buy and sell
migratory waterfowl-but they must be captive bred with the proper
paperwork. Check out ebay-there are lots of waterfowl for sale. It's
also ok to buy and sell upland birds, which adds to the confusion.
The laws are very different in other countries, also adding to the
confusion. Joe.

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