cleaning and degreasing

Submitted by mike on 2/11/01. ( na )

when I degrease birds I normaly use polytranspar degreaser but the smell makes me sick.My question is witch is better to use mineral spirits or whitegas.Also witch is better to clean with dawn dishsoap or eraplus laundry detrgent.Thank you.

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Skin Prep

This response submitted by Gene on 2/11/01. ( )

I started using a polytranspar degreaser and found it was a real pain to get the sent out of the birds. I started using the skin prep by WASCO it is a mild degreaser and the smell you don't have to worry about. I must say you still need to spend the time on the wheel taking the fat out of the bird before you soke them. The skin prep doesn't work as well as the polytranspar degreaser but it works well enough for me. Hope this helps


This response submitted by George on 2/11/01. ( )

Try Epo-Grip Bloodout/Degreaser. Absolutely no smell, low sudsing, high pH, non-flammable, and completely biodegradable.


This response submitted by Brent on 2/11/01. ( )

You can buy odorless mineral spirts at any Lowe's, Home Depot, etc. It is about $4.00 a gallon, it can be reused over and over and works great.

I agree with George

This response submitted by CHUCK on 2/11/01. ( )

Mike, Do as I and George do and switch to the Epogrip bloodout degreaser .It is a very good product with as he said no smell,biodegradable,reuseable,and best of all no risk of fire like your mineral spirits and white gases will definitely have.I used to use those and am glad I switched.It only takes 15 - 20 minutes to work,rinse ,preserve,dry and mount. simple !

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