Tanning fragile bird skins

Submitted by Ron Philippo on 2/11/01. ( r.philippo@12move.nl )

I,m a Dutch taxidermist and sofar used DP to my birdskins.I get a lot of small songbirds in my shop, and with DP the feathers fall out in 4 or 5 hours. Probably from the warmth of my fingers.So it is allways a race against the clock.I,m trying to find a way of tanning them and give me some more working time.I have read in the forums that lutan f on fragile skins don,t work because you can,t wet the skins.But i prefer to wash my birds Anybody knows a way of birdtanning applied right after skinning and that will hold during the washing process

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Denatured Alcohol

This response submitted by Patrick Rummans on 2/13/01. ( birdspec@lewistown.net )

Denatured alcohol will 'tan' thin skins, and you can wet it later....you must have really warm hands though, to be having the problems your describing! Good luck!

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