Drying Feathers

Submitted by John on 2/12/01. ( Sizemore@edge.net )

When drying birds, is it best to use corn cob dust, etc. or let drain and blow dry. I was told recently at a show that the tumbling media will split the feathers and prevent the smoothed-out look. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks, Bill

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This response submitted by Jim A. on 2/12/01. ( jaangott@lambtech.com )

I use both options you mentioned, tumble to remove most of the moisture and then blow dry with cool air or warm air, do not blow dry on high heat.

Same Here

This response submitted by Justin Hall on 2/12/01. ( justinleehall@yahoo )

I also dry my birds in both ways. I tumble them in a corn cob dust,
sawdust mixture, and then use cool air to dry them. I do not leave
the birds in the tumbler all that long, just long enough to absorb
most of the dampness. I've never had the problem, but can see where
tumbling too long could damage the bird.

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