Emperor Goose

Submitted by Bill on 2/12/01. ( sizemore@edge.net )

I had a hunter bring me a bird which we determined was an emperor goose. I didn't accept it, because I didn't know if it was a legal bird. It was killed in TN. I have contacted the state wildlife service to check but have not heard anything yet. If anyone has any information on this bird, please let me know on here or by e-mail. Thank you, Bill

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This response submitted by Patrick Rummans on 2/13/01. ( birdspec@lewistown.net )

It's most likely escaped from captivity...it's a long way from home if it isn't!

Like the Trumpeter Swan up on Greer's Ferry Lake.

This response submitted by John C on 2/14/01. ( )

I know it lost but everyone just thinks we should have more of them, I ask "What about the Loons?" everyone replied we don't have Loons in Arkansas. I wonder what rock they crawled from under.

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