How would you go about doing it

Submitted by Terry on 2/13/01. ( )

I was reading the previous post. There is a guy who got back a greasy duck. How would a guy go about removing the skin and redoing the duck without all kinds of problems. Would you soak it, or steam it or what. I have a couple I would like to redo myself but I thought once they were done and dried that was pretty much it. And how long can a bird be dried and able to redo. and wouldn't the skin be to brittle to resew? thanks in advance

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Sounds Bad

This response submitted by Justin on 2/13/01. ( justinleehall@yahoo )

Theres really no way I know of to solve this problem Terry. I
recently mounted a Canada Goose. Two days after I mounted it I decided
I could do a better job. I cut through my sewing job, but found
the skin had already stiffened up. I removed the body form and soaked
the bird for quite sometime. I did not remove the head or the necking
material, I simply kept them out of the water. I then dried the birds
body with cool air and restiched it. This was no easy task, and I
can't imagine doing this to a bird that has been mounted over a couple
of days. The skin was not as stable as before and it took a little
more patience sewing up the bird. I did not have the grease problem
as mentioned, and would not ever want it.

Rittels Super Relaxer

This response submitted by JOhn C on 2/13/01. ( )

First step is to wet the bird out, soak in water with RSR and a heavy bacteriacide. Now while this is soaking get a humidifier and line a box with styro foam wall board, glue this at the corners. once the bird is soaked put it in this large box with the humidifier check several times daily, usually in a day to three the bird will wet down completly and can be gently remounted.

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