turkeys A to Z

Submitted by mike on 2/13/01. ( nybowboy@aol.com )

I would like to get into doing turkeys. Is there a video or videos
that go into everything such as skinning,tanning,mounting,painting
the works. I,ve done whitetails for awhile and would like to try some
feathered friends.

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Dave Luke

This response submitted by Andy on 2/22/01. ( andy@gymopc.com )

Hi Mike!

I bought a video from Rinehart Taxidermy with Dave Luke as the instruture. He covers skinning, fleshing, painting an artifical head but uses the dry preservative method. It's a pretty good video to learn from - I did for my first turkey. Try WASCO's library of videos they have a few on turkey mounting. Also get a hold of a Breakthorugh Mag idex and look for back issues that cover turkey mounting. I have and found two or three really good issues. Off the top of my head is issue #47 and 55. hope this helps.


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