Where the ? is it

Submitted by Duane A. on 2/14/01. ( )

Just need to tell someone what happened to me. I'm doing A turkey fan mount. With A 12 inch beard. The fan is all done and the beard as been hanging from A string in my basement since fall. I took the beard down and layed it next to the fan on the tabel. The next day I went down to finish it. I could not find the beard any were.. I looked for over two hrs. for it. it was gone I thoght I was going to snap or go insane. I finally realized maybe A critter carried it away. I started to look in the raffters in the basement. sure enough there it was. the tallow that holds the beard together was chewed right off. so tonight I got all the hair together and held it together with A rubber band and glued it back together. its not the same but it'll do. the day that this happened I set A mouse trap. lets just say that this was the last beard it ate. I wasn't sure if it was A mouse or not because to carry the 12 inch. beard up A seven foot cement wall. I didn't think A mouse could do that. I have never seen signs or seen A mouse in my basement or house. I will now keep A box of poison down there just in case. I'M sure glad that this was my own turkey and not A custmers. just thoght I pass this on to everyone so this doesn't happen to anyone else

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they like duck feet too!

This response submitted by orange on 2/14/01. ( )

learned the hard way

Go to your local feed store, "ONE BITE"

This response submitted by John C on 2/14/01. ( )

Its a poison thats hard to beat, like the title says one bite


This response submitted by Dave on 2/15/01. ( stufer856@aol.com )

And I just thought to my self the other day,.....why are all these turkey beards for sale on e-bay?....K, got it!

They're not the only culprits!

This response submitted by Rick on 2/15/01. ( )

I always liked the inconsiderate people that let their cats roam the neighborhood. Had one come in through a barely open shop door and take off with a turkey beard. Luckily, after I chased him acrossed the backyard, he dropped it. Unfortunately, I came up missing a set of (mine) javelina teeth I had sitting on the top shelf of a metal shelving unit. This happened just a few weeks after the turkey incident. Needless to say, I make sure all doors are kept tightly closed at all times and I discourage visiting kitties, If you know what I mean:) ...Rick

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