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Reading earlier post about necks on sitting or swimming pose. i just finished a hooded merganser swimming.i never could get the neck sitting as low as i wanted. i tried shorting the neck,a thinner neck ,running the neck wire out the mold lower, even tried a thinner shorter neck never could get it the way i wanted. my questions are when you shorten the neck how do you hide the extra neck skin the skin between the bottom of the head were the neck meets and the point were the shoulders meet. do you tuck it in around he neck where it goes in the breast. any help would be appreceated. thanks

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Make it the same size!

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Make it the same size! That is the the way the duck is so recreate it the same way. When the neck is relaxed it will drop down in an S shape and sink deeper into the breast V. I just make sure that V is nice and deep (like the real duck) and bend that neck down and into it.....Let nature be your guide.

I had same problem...

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This problem sounds familiar. Keep this in mind when you measure the neck of the bird you are measuring it for a reason. That measurement IS the birds actual neck size. There is no need to shorten it. What you have to do is keep it the same lenth, have the neck go into the breast form, then have it make an "S". The neck material should come out of the form and start by going down the breast area, then go back up from the bottom of the breast, and go above the body to the head. I am sorry if I didn't explain this very well, but it is hard to explain how to do this. The reason the breast of a sitting/swimming bird always looks fuller, is because the birds neck is tucked down the front of the breast making the bird to appear fatter. Just keep playing around with it for a few hours like I did when i wasn't sure, and once you get it you'll know. It will look like a ...ummm DUCK. For the most part you have the hard part done (my opinion) so take your time and play around with it until you get it right. No sense in giving up and letting it dry and being unsatisfied with it later. When I did my first sitting Mallard I had to put it in the refridgerator for days because I worked on it for hours every day and couldn't get it right. If you get to frustrated rather then throwing it against the wall (like i almost did, and in the process I even ended up stabbing a wire all the way through my thumb and out the other side. BE CAREFUL! Those ducks always get the last word...even when their dead!

Best of luck to you. Hope it turns out great. Let us know how it goes. Remember if you do a good job this time, your mounts can only get better.

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