Cant find lysol

Submitted by dan on 2/15/01. ( )

I have a couple of ducks to do for myself this year.I bought a video from mcknzie and lysol was used ass a bacteriacide.I was unable to find the dark concentrate used in the video so I got a bottle of regular lysol.I was wondering if it was the same stuff in a different bottle?Will it work?Thanks.

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The old Lysol had.......

This response submitted by Kristoph on 2/15/01. ( )

Phenol* in it and that's the element that worked for what you need. The "New and Improved" Lysol* doesn't have it. There are places that still have the little brown bottle w/ phenol but I'm finding it harder and harder to find. You're probably better off just ordering a bacteriacide from Bruce Rittle or another supplier

I Skipped it...

This response submitted by Jim A. on 2/15/01. ( )

I also learned from the McKenzie videos as well as other books from WASCO. I have skipped the step in adding Lysol to my bird washes. Dawn dishsoap is a commonly used soap to help degrease birds. Dawn has a new line of Anti-Bacterial dishsoaps that work very well in adding the anti-bacterial ingredients to your bird wash. I also agree with Kristoph that you are probably better off with a product designed for anti-bacterial use in taxidermy such as a product offered by a company like Bruce Rittle's.
I have not had any problems using the Anti-Bacterial soaps made by Dawn. In fact the results are the same as when I added Lysol to the soap solution.


This response submitted by eric majors on 2/15/01. ( )

I couldnt find lysol either but good old mom rememberd it. I think she found it at hooks which is now cvs if i'm wrong email me and ill ask her and let me know. it worked fine for me good luck

Look around

This response submitted by Marty on 2/15/01. ( )

I looked all over the place and couldn't find it then happened to look on a shelf at the local drug store when picking up a prescription and there it was! I would suggest calling the Lysol company and asking them where their nearest carrier is....


This response submitted by Eddie on 2/16/01. ( )

I have seen the lysol at some Wal-Mart's and I have also seen it at Albertson's Grocery.

Just buy Phenol

This response submitted by David on 2/16/01. ( )

You can buy Phenol (where legal) usually from your local Druggist or Chemical company. Be sure to use all precautions and ALWAYS wear rubber gloves. It only takes a few drops per gallon of water. Phenol like many other chemicals will absorb through your skin, where it stores in your Liver..forever.

lysol phone #1-800-228-4722

This response submitted by eric majors on 2/18/01. ( )

good old mom

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