how to measure ducks

Submitted by Shannon DeForrest on 2/15/01. ( )

I am just starting taxidermy and the booklet did not say how to measure a duck properly. thankyou for your help.

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This response submitted by George on 2/15/01. ( )

There is a chart in Van Dyke's catalog as to how this is done, but if you are doing hobby work or commercial work, the suppliers have already done the hard part. Just order the form for the species and sex of your duck. If, however, you're wrapping your bodies, this will tell you how to make them fit.

Funny story about measuring ducks

This response submitted by Bruce Norton on 2/16/01. ( )

I took my son's friend out duck hunting for the first time last year. I was using my small 14 foot flat bottom boat which also serves as my fishing boat. I have a 36 inch ruler fastened to the side of the boat to measure fish with. Well, this kid asked what the ruler is for? I said that ducks have to be a least 16 inches long to be legal. I had this kid convinced that there was a length limit on ducks. It was great. He would not shoot at several teal that came by because he did not think they were long enough. I finally told him the truth. We all had a good laugh. It is a great story to share with fellow duck hunters!

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