Dead mount

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I was wondering about a dead mount. I never did one and i was wondering how do you attach the mount to the driftwood.Is it with string are something? And also do you keep the eyes open are closed. Im not to familiar with this , I did many regular mounts but none dead. Is there any thing diferent about the mounting process. Thank you for any answers.

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I don't know about the eyes, but...

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I do know that you attach it in with wire.

Get some reference pis from Hunting Magizines

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The bird can be hung by it's leg by a leather strap or string. I run wire thru the body then attach the wire to the base it is hanging on. This will make the mount secure and not move around. Dead birds generally have there eyes open, I use a semi-closed position to dictate a dead appearance, You do not want them open in a full alert position. Reference is everything. Alot of LL.Bean and Field and Stream type magazines have pictures of Dead Bird scenes. Also Wildgame cookbooks is another good source for finding these type of photos.


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or half open. yuk yuk, is the way to go with dead mounts! they look kinda strange hanging there with the eyes wide open.


Dead Mounts

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Open, closed, half and half, doesn't matter. I've taken pictures since I asked the same question before on here. I've got all three and I was surprised that most of the DID have open eyes. They are a lot like deer in that aspect.

I mount them hanging on a leather game strap and the strap has a simple metal loop to hand them on the wall by. I have two customers sets (one mallard, g/w teal and 2 woodies) hanging in my shop drying right now. If you'd like, I can take a digital picture of them and email it to you. Just let me know.

can i have a picture

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george is you do the picture would you please send me one i have not yet done a dead mount to speak of only one quail this would help alot thank you and if i'm correct about your home place hope things are well for you in indiana


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get the upland bird manual from WASCO they have a section in it just on mounting dead game birds, (they're all dead or we couldn't mount them)anyway they have a section dealing with exactly what you are asking..the eyes should be half closed or open how ever you want to look at it. the first dead game bird mount i ever did was entered into competition and judged by mark marshall it scored a 92 first place best of category amatuer division, first place professional division (stefan savides) and second place in the nationals all because of this manual it covers everything..the only reference picture i had was of a crow hanging dead the mount was of a grouse..go figure

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