Submitted by Shane on 2/16/01. ( )

Mounted a Snow Goose for my brother its still drying and I noticed that a part of the wing is turning yellow with what appeares to be fat that is breaking down and oozing out. Is there any way to correct the problem and clean the wing feathers?

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Uh OH! is right!

This response submitted by Brent on 2/28/01. ( breddick@grnco.net )

I've never had the exact problem but if I did I suppose I'd try paint thinner on the greasy area to see if it will loosen it. If that didn't work I'd try acetone and then maybe peroxide. For the color you might try "stain away" I'm sure that would bring the white back. However, if it continues to leak you still have the same problem.

The best way to prevent grease leakage is to flesh it good the first time!


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