skin pulled

Submitted by kely on 2/17/01. ( )

i did a flying turkey a couple years ago {one of my first}i noticed the skin pulled away where i super glued the skin around the head.can i rehydrate this area ,pull the skin up and reglue?im pretty sure it was fleshed well so i was wondering if anybody had prblems with super glue not holding? thanks kely

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This response submitted by George on 2/17/01. ( )

The only problem may be rehydrating it enough to disbond some super glue. If it's an artificial head, just lay a moist cloth around the neck juncture and wrap it in freezer wrap overnight. It should work well. Aside from the super glue, run either japan pins or small "T" pins up under the head to hold the hide there permanently. Superglue is notorious for becoming brittle in time and disbonding when flesh hasn't been defatted and degreased enough.

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