Refernce Pictures - Long Eared Owl

Submitted by Jeff on 2/24/01. ( )

I've been looking for some great close up reference pics of a long eared owl. I have one to do for a customer and I need some pics. Not sure whether to do it standing with the wings spread out or just standing with the wings tucked in. Anybody that could help tell me where to get pics or e-mail me some would be appreciated tremendously.
Thanks, JEFF

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This response submitted by Beinformed on 2/25/01. ( )

The species you mentioned can get you in a heap of trouble with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife service, if you are in this country, and posess that bird. I suggest you get it out of your posession immediately if not sooner. All birds of prey are protected by federal law. They may only be mounted by special permit, usually reserved for institutions and such. Individuals are seldom if ever, granted one of those permits. If you are from an area where it is legal to do owls, please mention this in future postings to avoid a response like this one. Few of us here, ever get to handle one of those specimens, so it's unlikely that there would be very much reference material available on the subject of mounting owls. I suggest you try your public library. You may find a book with good illustrations. I do it myself sometimes for things that I can't find references of from the taxidermy supply houses. If you happen to have a zoo or aviary that has owls, pay it a visit. Bring a camera with you. I've done that also. Perhaps there's someone from Europe or Canada viewing this posting, you may get a response from them. Good Luck!

BeInformed - I HAVE A PERMIT

This response submitted by Jeff on 2/25/01. ( )

I live in Canada where we can get permits for all birds of prey. I never realized in USA that you guys get the shaft and aren't allowed to work with these beautiful birds. We can possess all eagles, hawks and owls with a permit.

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