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Submitted by CnC Pheasants on 2/17/01. ( pheasant@advertisnet.com )

First let me state that I am not a Taxidemist, I am a Pheasant Breeder. This is not a sales pitch but a request for information.
The reason I ask is there are too many scam artists and greedy people out there that would gladly take your money and mine.
1. What is your description of Competition Quality Birds?
2. What do you desire in a ringneck?
3. What do you feel is a fair price?
4. Why do some of you ask for only two year old birds?
5. What is your preffered method of packing?
6. Is there interst in Red Goldens, Lady Amherst, and Reeves ? What are fair prices?
The reason I ask is not to offend anyone or be a smart___, but to insure we can offer what is wanted at fair prices to both of us.
Please look at our photos at www.cncpheasnts.bigstep.com and give us honest feedback.
Thank you for your time,
Cliff and Carol
C & C Pheasants

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This response submitted by Jim Kimball on 2/17/01. ( birdguy26@hotmail.com )

Answers........to your questions....... my opinion.....

1. Competition Quality... Should be a bird that is at least 2 years old.
2. Desire.......Good color....Full wing feathers....Nice tail.. Good spur lenght... NO clipped feathers..
3. Fair Price.... I've paid as much as $75.00 for a 4yr. old PERRFECT BIRD "RingNeck"
4. Packing and shipping.... Depending on the time of year... Whole frozen bird placed in a card board box with plenty of news paper, shipped 2nd. day works for me. If its during the summer months you might want to go over night express.
5. Always a GOOD interest in the ornimental pheasants. Biggest problem with them is there tail. Tail feathers on a mature bird are usually full grown by Oct. BUT the body feathers on the bird itself are not. I've had breeders pull the longer tail feathers in Oct. keeping them from getting worn off. Then in late Nov. or Dec. put done the bird when the rest of the body feathers are filled out and hardened. The tail feathers can be easily re-attached during the mounting process.

There will always be interst for the first year birds... But if you want to offer the "Competition Quality Bird" your going to have to raise them for a at least 2 years or older.. And don't be affraid to charge accordingly for them.

Hope that helps Carol..... Any more questions please ask here or e-mail me.... Jim

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