Why shouldnt you use heat when drying you'r birds

Submitted by Bryan on 2/17/01. ( wildlifedesigns@hotmail.com )

Why shouldnt you use heat when drying birds. I have used heat many times with no effects

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This response submitted by Gery on 2/17/01. ( )

I know there are many opinions but I can tell you that I,ve mounted birds for 25 years now and have always used a 1500 -1600 watt hair dryer with no ill effects due to the heat. I believe the key is to use a dryer with a long nose for lack of a better word rather than the short model and also don't hold it right on top of the feathers. i'm considering purchasing a tumbler to free my time up for other projects but again after 1500 birds with a hair dryer i know it works. hope this helps.....Gery


This response submitted by tom on 2/24/01. ( sfos@netdor.com )

I only use a hair dryer
I do notice that the thinner areas tend to begin to dry like the
back. I just place a wet paper towel inside the bird for a few minutes and the skin is moist again.

Here's what works for me.

This response submitted by Mike Rowley on 2/24/01. ( rowleyswildlifecreations@mail.com )

I went to Sears and bought a shop vac that the hose could be interchanged from on side of the unit for vacuuming, and then onto the other side for blowing. When the unit is in the blower mode it takes its air directly from the room through the vacuum hose attachment. I then made a bracket that allows me to hang the unit from and very close to the ceiling in my shop. My ceiling is about 9 1/2 feet in hieght and the air is always 10-15 degrees warmer up there. (In fact I had to install a fan to force the heat back down to where I am working.) By doing this I get a high volume blower and warmer air than is at room temperature, and dont have to worry about getting the skin to hot. Done this way I can usually completely dry the plummage on a duck in about 10 mintues, and a turkey in about 20-25 minutes. If you have really high ceilings, you may have to purchase an extra section of hose to reach your working surface. Also,make sure you make the vacuum easy to take down from the ceiling and replace it there. I guarantee someday you are gonna need it for something else and it's really nice when you dont have to spend the entire day taking it down and then putting it back up for your shop use. Hope this helps.

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