building a flesher for birds

Submitted by jacob on 2/17/01. ( )

Hello all, Was just wondering if anyone knows what horsepower motor would be good for attaching to a wire fleshing wheel ? About how fast should it turn?

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Try this

This response submitted by Rob on 2/17/01. ( )

try the search button and look up bird fleshing there is a ton of info for you. Hope this helps Rob

Use an old table fan

This response submitted by Dave Hammond on 2/17/01. ( )

Hey Jacob,
Here is my "recipe" for a bird flesher.

One table/window fan.
One soft wire brush wheel
One 16 inch deep (approx.) clear rectangular storage container or plastic tub from walmart

Take a few peices of 2x4 ro make a base mount for the motor. (enough to give the brush a good height inside the tub.

Cut a hole in the bottom of the tub, just large enough to put the motor shaft through.

screw everything down onto a peice of plywood.

Now you have a see-through flesher that will clean up easily.

Good luck! emial if you need help.

Oh Yeah.....cost....about $15.00 if you get the fan from a garage sale.
Beats the heck out of $150.00 plus shipping & handling.
No Warranty though.

Now....if only we could built a good fleshing machine.

Dave H.

homemade bird flesher

This response submitted by michael j smith on 2/21/01. ( or )

i bought an inexpensive variable speed hand drill and mounted it on a wood block with the chuck sticking through the homemade box with a clear piece of plexi glass on top. the 3/8 in. variable speed drill is a small horsepower motor and works great. besides, you can always use the drill on other projects!

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