would like paint schedule for chucker

Submitted by Gary on 2/17/01. ( Taxiups@aol.com )

I searched all the archives and was unable to find a paint schedule for a Chuckar. Your help would be appreciated. Gary

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Try this

This response submitted by Taylor on 2/27/01. ( Firewater372@aol.com )

I have posted that message before with no response. So, experimented and came up with the following and have been happy with the results.

Using Polytranspar(WASCO) paints:

For the beak-
Spray the beak with a medium coat of Superhide white.

Spray the beak with a medium coat of Bright orange.

MIST the beak with Gill(cadmium) red.

It has been my experience that their beaks are more red down the top and on the underside of the beak so I spray just a little heavier on top and bottom.

For the feet-
Spray the feet with any light flesh color(I use whitetail ear light).

MIST the feet with Gill red to make them a little pink.

Then mix a very thinned down black and wash over the whole feet going a little darker on the knuckles to bring out the scale details. Try using a lighter wash over the beak to bring out details.

I hope this helps. I learned from trial and error. For reference, look on the back pages of the Winter 2001 edition of Breakthrough magazine.

Let me know how it turns out.


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