Goose decoy ?

Submitted by Bill on 2/25/01. ( )

Hey all, i am looking at a price list of a local taxidermist and this guy charges 175 for a goose and 65 for a goose decoy. I am just curious as to how much work goes into mounting a goose decoy? What are the big differences from a ordinary "show" mount and a decoy mount? Also if any of you do decoys could you give me a ballpark figure of how much time you spend per bird?

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Goose decoy

This response submitted by Ron on 2/25/01. ( )

Bill I charge $335 to mount a goose . There is a lot more that goes into a show mount than a decoy.Those prices in my opnion are very low.

I Agree

This response submitted by Brent on 2/25/01. ( )


I agree with Ron. Those prices seem pretty low. Priceing however is up to each individual. We charge $230 for a standing goose mount and I know we are on the low side of things. I have done the numbers and we can not do a DECOY GOOSE for under $125.

There are several things you can do to cut the cost of a decoy vs a good mounted bird some of these are. -real vs cast bill & head, carve your own body out of scrap styrofoam, no real need for a great base, get feathers in general patterns ie do not preen for very long, do not wire wings, Some might not even degrease the decoy mounts although in my opinion that would be a mistake. The list could go on.

Hope this answered your question. I suggest you visit this fellow and look at one of his good geese side by side with a decoy goose you should be able to see some very distinct differences.

Good Luck
Brent & Jonelle Thyssen
Timber Tiger Tacidermy


This response submitted by BIll on 2/25/01. ( )

Thanks for you responses. Just so you know im not interested in getting any geese mounted as decoys or for the wall. I was just curious as to what went into a goose decoy. For this guy to charge only 65 i cant imaging him spending more than 1-2 hours on the bird (which is really hard for me to imagine even taking all the shortcut).

thanks again


This response submitted by George on 2/25/01. ( )

On the Chesapeake, we call them "stuffers" and Brent is right on the button. I did them 25 years ago for $65, but I won't even touch them now. Goose hunting purists insist they draw geese in when nothing else will, so it must be worth more than that when their goose pits start at around $4000 around here. Guys around here want them on 1/2 inch plywood squares with heavy wires and loops so they can be easily picked up and stored in special freight trailers for transport. I've seen outfitters with 500 of them in a trailer. I don't wonder so much about the price of the stuffers as I do the price of his commercial work.

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