artificial duck feet

Submitted by Bob on 2/18/01. ( )

Hi, I am about to mount a drake wood duck and want to use arttificial feet/legs. I am unsure how to go about this process. also does anyone know of a good injiction type of filler and who would supply the syringes for it. i have tried some and they usually dry up before you can get them injected plus the syringe needle is too large half the fluid leeks out. thanks. Bob

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Bob, the Breakthrough book will help you.

This response submitted by John C on 2/18/01. ( )

I remove the leg and the first bone from the bird, cut around the feather/skin line inside clip the first joint above then skin/feather line, clean the big muscle group from the bone.

Slide this out the little hole you just made at the feather skin line.

Now clean the meat off the bone really well.

Stick the feet in water for about a hour. Now using thread wrap the scaled skin of the lower leg to the bone, I even put some EPO-GRIP 90 Second epoxy over the thread so there in not any leakage. I use EPO-GRIP INJECTABLE, as it has a longer working time than others on the market.

WASCO also has INJECT A CAST, which will work fine.

Draw 1 /12 cc of part A into the syringe (get the syringe from a feed store or WASCO) wipe the needle with Laq. thinner and draw 1 1/2 cc of part B into the sryinge, now draw a little air into the syringe, mix by shaking the syringe.

Start at the top of the scaled area of the legslide the needle all the way into the leg and fill just till you see it swell, back the needle out and shot some more into it, when that portion is done plug with a pin. Now do the same on the toes and foot, just a slight swell is all you want to see, each toe must be done seperatly, plug all the holes with a pin when reoving the needle.

Now rinse the needle in acetone or laq.thinner, DONOT pour and left over part A or part B back into the original container, mix it together and let it set up, pouring back into the origanil container may fowl up the rest for later use.

Now wash the feet with a toothbrush and acetone or laq.thinner. This is so the paint will stick to them, now go on with skinning your bird and prepping it for mounting.

After about one hours the feet are setup and can be painted, no kidding I have seen it done and done it without any bad effects, laq. paints are recommened, for your base colors, do your color wash with either water based or oils, the later does not produce the shine of water base. Good luck John C

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