Crow Tongue Wanted

Submitted by Michael Spencer on 2/18/01. ( )

I have mounted a crow with his beak open. I think it lacks a realism without the tongue. Does anyone manufacture an artificial tongue? Any help would be appreciated.

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COme on now? MAke one

This response submitted by John C on 2/18/01. ( )

Mike this one is a little on the shy side, you had the perfect reference, and you tossed it away. Get some Apoxie sculpt and make one
roll it out and make it pointed V it down the middle and press it onto the bird.

Cast your own

This response submitted by Joe on 2/18/01. ( )

Michael, try casting an open mouthed head. It's simple.....
1. Skin the head and cut it off at the base of the skull.
2. Freeze the head with the mouth open in the bottom of a dixie cup
(beak up). Make sure you place a little wet paper mache in the
bottom of the cup. This will help the head stand up and will aid in
removing the skull later.
3. Freeze the head
4. Next, fill the cup with RTV rubber. Pour directly in the mouth.
5. Let the rubber cure-it's helpful to let it cure on something
that has a slight vibration. I duct tape it to the top of a large
fan that I have-this eliminates any air bubbles.
6. After it cures, remove the head.
7. You now have a mold that you can cast with (I like Por-a-cast).
You will be amazed at the detail you will get. The only downfall
is the cost of the rubber and casting material-it's expensive. You
will recoup the costs by saving money if you purchase your heads
from supply companies and you do a lot of birds. Try it. Good luck.

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