Puffy Bird

Submitted by Tom on 2/18/01. ( t-pool@tamu.edu )

I have watched upland birds when the are cold or fluffing their feathers and want to know how to recreate that in my taxidermy. Any advice is appreciated.


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This response submitted by Joe on 2/18/01. ( Birdwork@spokaneweb.com )

To create this look, it is very important to have the proper shape
of the neck when the bird is in this desired pose. Make sure you
save the body after you skin the bird-then position the neck along the
body to the desired pose. Then duplicate this same position with
your mannikin. This is referred to as pre-bending the neck.
The rest is just taxi-ing the skin-you will want to pin the scapulars
up and poition the feathers on the neck etc. Also pay close attention
to where you make your leg attachment-again, save the body and use
it for reference. Good luck-Joe.


This response submitted by DON W on 2/18/01. ( patentax@aol.com )

tom, after fluffing the bird i hang it upside down and sprinkle borax on the feathers to hold them away from the body.after the bird dries the feathers will retain that position. works fine for be!

good luck, don

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