Eagle Recreation

Submitted by Wade on 2/26/01. ( Rhino223@aol.com )

I am interested it attempting an Eagle recreation. Does anyone have any information on what feathers to use and how to go about doing this. I have never done anything like this but really want to attempt it. I would like to do the full body on a nest. Thanks for any help you have to offer.

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This response submitted by eric on 2/26/01. ( ecmajors@fullnet.com )

Wade Breakthrough magazine issue 58 winter of 2000 Recreating a bald eagle bust by jim day I think he used turkey feathers the tame type good luck.


This response submitted by scott on 2/26/01. ( )

i am also intersted in this- i am using the feathers of the inside of a turkey wing for the body. i am sure that this may not be correct or proper but it is something that i have access to. good luck!

More feather Ideas

This response submitted by Jess on 2/27/01. ( grouse_fear_me@hotmail.com )

I live in canada, so eagles are legal here, and my last project happened to be a bald eagle. Are you doing a bald or golden eagle? For the head and neck area, I'd use rooster hackle (in white for a bald eagle and brown for a golden) I am into fly tieing and the neck feathers on my eagle are the exact same shape and size as the rooster hackles for my fly tying. Just thought it might help. Turkey feathers would work very well for the body, but you might want to find something with less shine on it, like very dark good feathers. I noticed goose feathers are very similar to eagle feathers.
Good luck

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