liqua-cure ?

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I have a duck to mount this weekend.I bought some liqua cure and in the instructions it said you may want to add kemal 4 to the sol when doing ducks.I usually wash in dawn then imerse in mineral spirits.Had planned to do this then immerse in the liqua cure sol.My question is:Will the mineral spirits prevent the tan from penetrating since it is a concentrate and has water in it.Would it be OK to wash in mineral spirits after the tan.Dont really want to wait on the kemal unless its absolutly necessary.Thanks again!

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Do it

This response submitted by JL on 2/26/01. ( )

When you submerge the bird skin in the waterbase tan, the mineral spirits will float out of the bird's feathers and skin surface allowing the tan to penetrate. Good luck...JL

tan first

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you need to wash the bird as normal first. THEN tan the skin. then you should rinse a minimum of two or three times in clean water. rinse until you are positive there is no more soap residue left in the feathers and then rinse one more time to make sure. after you have rinsed.... squeeze as much water out of the bird as you can, i usually use a towel and squash it out of the feathers. now is when you use the mineral spirits. the mineral spirits will drive out any water left over. it doesnt wash or clean the bird at all. it only displaces the water. then it evaporates faster so your drying time is shorter.


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Thanks JL!


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your message wasnt there when I posted.

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