Bird Taxidermy Import from UK

Submitted by Mike Gadd on 2/19/01. ( )

Hope somone can help
I have sent over 10 emails over the last few months to the
US Fish and Wildlife Service

Office of Management Authority
4401 N Fairfax Drive
Room 700
Arlington VA 22203

and had No responce could any body help I have some customers eager to purchase but no green or red light from the US

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I may be able to help

This response submitted by Cindy on 2/20/01. ( )

If you will email me your USPS mailing address I will be glad to mail you a booklet titled: Migratory Wildfowl, The Taxidermist and Federal Laws and Regulations...What you don't know CAN hurt you!

This is a great booklet with loads of information...Thanks.

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